Direct Lender

A direct lender is usually a financial institution, such as a bank or private credit entity which lends money directly to a borrower. In the world of loans and mortgages, lenders typically fall into 2 categories, brokers and direct lenders.

A broker such as a mortgage broker tends to to work as an intermediary between a borrower and a direct lender. They do not use their own funds to advance a loan or mortgage but instead contact one or several lenders on behalf of the borrower, and then add a commission. They are required to share the personal details of borrower with these lenders. This can include income reports, pay slips, tax returns, credit history, credit reports, assets, debts, and information on the property. With the information in hand a broker will then shop around for the best rate possible, in order to add a commission and make a profit from the deal. While this can be convenient, and a borrower may have a higher rate of being approved, the rates may also be a bit higher.

Direct lenders, as the name implies lends the funds directly to the borrower from their own “pocket” essentially. They tend to be financial institutions such as banks, but may also be private companies that focus on a specific niche, such as mortgages. The documentation required by direct lenders for borrowers is similar to that of a broker.

USA-Mortgages for example is a direct mortgage lender that focuses on a niche of international investors interested in buying investment properties in the USA.

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